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ThE SeVeN DeadlY FinS


Seven Deadly Fins Eating Challenge

The following is a play on words, with inspiration & ideas from all corners of everything.  None of these ideas are made to insult, offend, or otherwise cause anyone any need whatsoever to complain to us, your attorney, congressional representative, or any other place where people are likely to call you a Karen.  The last thing we need is all of the free publicity that we'd get from news outlets, influences, politicians, & the eating society who would end up making us so many protestors.  So many hungry, hungry protestors.

On a side note, if your name is Karen, we are so sorry about the untold suffering that you've had to endure over the last few years simply because your parents failed to realize that your name would become a household name for all the wrong reasons. Anywhooo, sorry, this is just the longest we've been able to go on any of our pages without saying that we are the best sushi in Tyler, so we kinda went on a tangent there.  But now that you've read this, giving our pictures enough time to upload and the search engines to determine that you've been on this page and it wasn't an accident, Back to the challenge...

ThE StOrY We'Re TeLlInG

So there was this girl and all she wanted was to have an adventure.  Nah, too Cliche'. OK, how about this, Once upon a time in a world exposed by radiation.  Nope, too Stan Lee (Rest In Peace, we Love You 3,000).  So let's go with this.  Alice bit a third mushroom and BOOM, mermaid.  No, let's just be honest.  Our marketer wanted a food challenge, but being a food guy he didn't want a challenge that involved having to eat a wheelbarrow full of rice or dipping your face in magma, so he came up with an idea that was a combination of some heat, some eat, and some entertainment.  He thought, how great would it be if we could take the characters from Alice in Wonderland, give them a nautical theme, and base them off of the seven deadly sins and call it something sneaky, but what rhymes with sins?  So yeah, in a (supposedly) sober inspired moment he came up with everything and now here it is, the first food challenge in Tyler, and in all honesty, the only food challenge of it's kind.  So, Alice + Sealife + Eating Challenge + Religious Reference = Someone is playing some 4th Dimension Chess over here.  

ThE FiNs

Envy from the Seven Deadly Fins in Tyler Texas


She didn't mean to make everyone jealous of her Goodies.  But what a way to end an adventure.  A Rootbeer float, a Cheesecake platter, tempura Oreos and Bananas.  Finish it off with a Popping Boba Lemonberry Dream, and your time in UnderWaterLand will be at its end.


You Will Have 45 Minutes.  You have to complete each challenge before being able to move on to the next challenge with one, maybe helpful, exception.  Alice wants you to enjoy her Lemonberry Popping Boba Drink throughout the challenge.  So, you will be given it at the beginning of the challenge and the time will begin with your first sip.

Once the time has started, nobody other than Ohayo Staff may approach you unless approved by them ahead of time.

You may not step away from the table for any reason and doing so will result in immediate forfeiture.  So if ya gotta pee, ya better pee before that time starts.

As you start on one challenge, your next challenge will be staged next to you so that there is no hangups on your time.

EXCEPT, during the Sloth challenge, you will be given 5 pieces of Nigiri and you can only eat one piece, then you must wait for 60 seconds before you can eat your next piece.

The Following Will Cause an Automatic Disqualification:

If your food goes out the way it was meant to go in.

If you bring in outside anything to assist you (keep your blender at home, nice try though).

If you spill your food, drop your food, hand food off to a third party.

If you are actually a bear dressed in a people suit.

If you render your food unable to be safely consumed.

If your food goes anywhere but your mouth.

If anyone with you steps up on the stage.

If you step off the stage.

If you ring the "Fail Alert"

If you try to stop the timer for any reason.

If Nathan Fillion comes in dressed as a Brown Coat and you fail to get the reference.


So, there you are, afraid to touch your watering eyes, looking at the cameras that have you live streaming and knowing that they are going to be edited and uploaded as well.  You can't wait to see your picture on the Wall of Game.  Your Entry fee being handed back to you along with your Swag Bag.  All your plates and your bowls are clean and you are being interviewed by the Ohayo Judge and praised for your accomplishment.  If this happens, you've won, or you passed out in a bowl of noodles and are having a food coma related dream.  Let's go ahead and assume you've won.  You are one of the few who is leaving with the coveted "I Beat the Seven Deadly Fins" shirts and being refunded your entry fee along with whatever goodies we have in our Swag Bag for our winners.  Now you can imagine and prep for the year you have to wait before you can conquer the Fins again.  Congratulations.


For wherever you are stopped in the challenge will be the SWAG you will be given.  So if for example, you are beaten by Anger, but you beat Sloth, you will be given the swag of your accomplishment.  We'd rather focus on what you beat rather than what beat you.  However, if you were beat by anger, but instead decided you wanted to the swag for beating vanity, then you can absolutely ask for that instead.

Entry Terms:  

Challenge Cost: $100 Cash.  We're not paying a credit card company to watch you endure torture.  But we will be trying to monetize your video though, lol.  You will be given a $50 refund at the end of the challenge provided that your failure did not involve you missing the "Fail Pale" or otherwise damaging Ohayo property.  So yeah, if you think you're gonna Hulk Smash when you lose, you're gonna be paying for it.

Also, you gotta sign the waiver.  Because at the end of the day, you're the only one responsible for your poor life choices.  Don't worry, the waiver doesn't say anything about indentured servitude or organ harvesting right, anymore, or yet.  We just don't want you to blame us when you go famous for breaking the world distance record of shooting a shrimp out of your nose.

But don't worry.  When you regain your insanity, you can always try the challenge again.  People will call you mad, but we're all a little mad here.

GoOd LuCk

Sign Up Sheet

First, Ya gotta be 18, crazy, & Contactable

Good Luck, You'll Need It.

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