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Ohayo Sushi Easter Feast

We Love Our Community here in Tyler.  Yes, we know that when you think of Easter, you probably don't ask where is the best sushi restaurant in Tyler for Easter.  But we know the day is a celebration and for many of us, it's one of the most important days of our lives. A time for us to celebrate with family and friends.  To break bread together and just be grateful we don't have to go through this crazy world alone.

To that end, Easter is going to be as much a part of our family, as it is yours.  We will be having Easter Egg Hunts for both kids and Adults of different types, a menu of traditional foods and some non-traditional faire as well.  Our online menu completed, people with food sensitivities and allergies can simply let their server know and see what ingredients are in everything we have and we will prepare things separated, like we always do, to accommodate as many as we can.

So whether it's enjoying a sparkling Sake Mimosa with someone you've known longer than you haven't, trying a Texas Tornado Omelette with the kids, or just enjoying our traditional menu; We are grateful for you and we are so blessed that you would even consider spending a part of your day with us.


Easter Sushi Bunny.png


Ohayo Eggs Benedict


Fresh poached egg, resting on a waffled sushi rice patty and sliced tomato.  Covered on Hollandaise sauce and our Ohayo Sunrise Sauce. 


Tyler Omurice


Atop a plate of fried rice rests an omelette fresh made to order., it’s runny interior exposed and covered with our house made with golden curry.


Waffle Rice Croquette


Waffle Iron Caramelized Sushi Rice atop layered with Fresh Sliced Cucumber, Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Fresh Sliced Tomato, Furikake, Spicy Mayo, Unagi Sauce, and Finished with a Perfectly Poached Egg.



Texas Tornado Eggs


Fresh fried rice made with sliced green onions and Ohayo’s seasonings, topped with a Tornado omelette.  Served with Chicken Katsu and Slathered in Japanese Curry.



East Meet West Plate


A Japanese Croquette, oven roasted ham, fried egg, and sautéd mushrooms generously covered in our house made Sausage Gravy.


Easter Nigiri


Thin Sliced New York Steak, Oven Roasted Ham, & Smoked Salmon, Served Nigiri Style


Fruit Plate, Deviled Eggs, Oven Roasted Ham and our Entire Menu.


Sake Mimosa, Spicy Sunrise, Traditional Mimosa, Easter Boba Shots, Lemonberry Clouds

Ohayo Sushi Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

So, What's Easter without an Easter Egg Hunt?  To be honest, we never want to know.  The thrill of looking around, finding a small treasure box, and repeating the process.  Only thing we don't want is for that one egg that nobody could find from last year turning up.  So yeah, we're gonna go the plastic route so that we don't end up with a ticking time bomb 5 months from now when someone is enjoying a Hibachi bowl.  Of course, we also don't want to be unfair to the overzealous or have Uncle Jimmy crawling over someone to snag the egg they were heading to, so, our hunt is gonna be a little different.


You have the opportunity to find up to five eggs.  They will be hidden throughout the inside of the restaurant where your folks can see you and none of them will be anywhere that you have to climb over other people trying to enjoy their food.  Once you have your five eggs, give them to those adults and they will come up and choose your five prizes.  We will then clean and re-hide the eggs for the next hunters.  Parents, if your child is under the age of ten, you gotta go with them and if they are under 5, we will just give you the opportunity to pick the five items for them.

Not So Kidlike On The Outside

Ok, that climbing over each other thing can lead to an Easter memory that involves a Bail Bond Company, and we don't need that.  So here it is.  At the end of your paid meal, you will get to choose an egg from the basket.  That egg will either have a small prize in it, or a QR code for you to scan for everything from a free drink, a larger prize, or a chance for a free dinner for two.

So, sorry you don't get to commit a felony, no, wait, no we're not.  That's not what we want to be Tik Tok famous for.

Legaleze here:  Everything is Limited and though we will try our best to have something for everyone, we are not liable if you can't enjoy the prize, there are no prizes left to enjoy, or someone got the last prize before you could get to it.  If you or your mini-me are problematic or disruptive, not only will we reserve the right to exit you from the building.  We will tell your kids the truth about Santa, the Easter Bunny, and your natural hair color.  So yeah, you've been warned.

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