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Welcome to Your Bar

I know I know, you guys are working so hard to be the best sushi in Tyler, what could you possibly offer in a bar?  Well, how about all day happy hour, appetizers that are not only NOT offered in our dining area, but ever changing drink specials, and a front row seat to the first real eating challenge in Tyler, period.

Welcome to our bar before our bar.  If you've been here more than once, you know we have a space on the south side of our building that is begging to be a bar.  Oh, it's going to be more than that.  It's going to be a full on pub with, wait, your reading this and we don't want to spoil it.  But let's just say it's something that our Tyler family has been in need of and we are in a unique place to make it happen.  We may or may not have hidden hints on it throughout the site, but seriously, you're not that dedicated to find it so let's just go back to being a sushi and bar place.

Here's some current specials:

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