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Open Positions

At Ohayo Sushi, we are dedicated to providing each and every person who walks through our door with the absolute best experience possible.  Whether they join us for AYCE, lunch specials, a family event, to grab a drink, or just pick up a togo order; we want every aspect of their time at our location to be positively memorable.

To that end, we are looking to add members to our team who have the same zeal and drive.  We are not looking for someone to come in and just fill a space.  We would rather customers wait longer to be seated and served than to settle for anything less than our standard.  No, we aren't necessarily looking for the most experienced people, but we are looking for the personality and moldability that will be looked at positively by each and every person from our customers, to our front of house team, to even our vendors who supply us; we want you if you have the drive and motivation to make every experience a positive one.

If this isn't you, no worries.  There are plenty of places hiring.  However if this is you, check out our positions below.  Then send your resume', qualifications, or heck, even an employment application filled out for a different restaurant, and we'll get back to you if we feel you are a match.

Please Note: Because of how busy we are, we are not accepting phone calls for more information about each position.  If we contact you for an interview, then we will be happy to provide you with more information at that time.

Open Positions


Dining Room

Our servers are responsible for giving each customer the most positive experience possible.  A good attitude, clean appearance, and ability to work in a high energy environment and work with a team is a must.  Must be able to interact and engage each and every table while staying on top of service requirements.  Placing orders at the table as the customers are ordering, preparing, refilling, and clearing drinks, soups, salads, and dishes throughout the meal is paramount.  Anticipating, addressing, and overcoming obstacles or issues is another key to success in this position.  Our happy customers tip well with good servers clearing several hundred dollars on our busy nights.  Encouraging pictures, feedback, promotions, and specials are also important and help turn first time customers into regulars.

Hosting Staff

Front of House

Our hosts are much more than people who just help people take seats.  Often the first point of contact, a host should be professional in appearance and attitude.  Articulate without being pretentious with a warm personality coming through, even on the phone, are the keys to success in this position.  Being able to handle the individual needs of customers and those around them are another key in this position.  You will be responsible for seating, to go orders, running dishes, and assisting wherever is needed to ensure the most efficient operation so that our visitors have the best experience possible. Multi Lingual is a definite plus for this position.

Sushi Line Chef

Front Line

As you can imagine, sushi is the most popular item ordered within Ohayo.  Maintaining a sanitary, efficient, and highly visible station is easily the most important aspect of someone experiencing Ohayo, whether it is their first visit or they are seasoned regulars.  To that, we are looking for an addition to our line who can keep up with the ever changing and growing pace of our facility.  You must be able to keep the quality of not only each order that leaves for a table, bar seat, or to go order; but you must also maintain your station so that anyone from staff, to customers, to health inspectors, will be impressed by your efficiency and appearance.  We do not serve ugly rolls, so you will not be expected to make ugly rolls.  We want every single item leaving your fingers to be a work of art that people walking by take pause at.  You must posses solid knife skills, sanitary practices, and must have an up to date food handling certificate.  When customers interact with you, and they will, you must be friendly, and courteous, even when under performance pressure.  You must pay special attention to special orders or restrictions, and be ready to remake an item on the fly.  

Bartender & Barback

Bar and Dining

Our full service bar is held to the same rigorous standards as the rest of our restaurant.  We maintain a friendly and well-maintained facility. We want people whether they are just waiting for a table, are wanting to enjoy the bar, or are just trying to relax and enjoy themselves after a hard days work to feel welcome, and at home. To that end just as with hosting, this is about management as much as it is about customer service. As our bartender, you will not only be expected to make drinks for the serving staff, but you will be expected to host, feed, and take care of your customers in the bar as well. Barbacks act as the assistant to the bartender and also take care of the customers and the tables in the bar area.  Unlike our carpeted dining area, the hard tile in the bar area necessitates being on our toes at all time and making sure that there are no slipping hazards, or unclean floors or tables.  While bartenders are expected to know a level of drinks and carry a level of competency, accuracy, and speed; a barback is there to run drinks to the dining room, maintain cleanliness, learn the position of the bartender, and assist customers and the hosting staff as needed.  Bartender should have knowledge of basic drinks, garnishing, sanitation practices, and inventory control.

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