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International Sushi Day
Week Long Celebration

June 18th is International Sushi Day and we are celebrating from Father's Day to National Let It Go Day.  We have a pretty packed line-up:

ISW Calendar.png
Sunday, June 16

Father's Day

Look, it's not easy being a Dad.  Working hard every day and sacrificing your boyhood dreams that involved touring and a hairline.  Fixing things that "mysteriously" broke while being psychically connected to the thermostat.  Knowing that on more than one occasion you paid for a present that was given to you and realizing two hours of your life was not worth those socks that even nature doesn't have a color for.  Seriously, without Dad, who's gonna actually lose keys, hog the remote, and threaten to pull over?

So to tell Dad you love him, take away the remote, grab the keys from him, and bring him to a feast of surf and turf and bottles.  For Dad only, Ohayo is giving him ANY beer we have in stock, imported or domestic for only $2.  But hey, we'll also do the same for Jack and Coke, Gin and Tonic, and any simple 2 for $2.  

So bring him to Ohayo for Father's day and just keep this in mind.  9 months after Father's day is March, so if that's your birthday, odds are it was a Father's day present only your mom could give.

Monday, June 17

Medical & Military Monday

This is probably the only writing we do on anything where we don't make a joke.  

We are so grateful for you and your sacrifice that we are honored to be able to serve you.  All day and every Monday, Ohayo is proud to offer a 10% discount to all those who served their country by sacrifice.  Nobody ever joins the military or becomes a nurse for the paycheck.  We do it because of love and the want to serve something greater than ourselves.

So to that, we are humbled for each and every one of you that comes through our door.

Even officers and chief's of medicine.  Ok, so maybe a little joke.  But come on, the rest of us work for a living.

Tuesday, June 18

International Sushi Day


New menus, new uniforms, a car show, unveiled new foods, and the largest Alice in Wonderland themed sushi food challenge based on the seven deadly fins ever launched in the entire planet?  What better day to do it than the day that celebrates when someone took fake crab in the 80s, rolled up their dress coat sleeves and said, "Sushi and Tiger Beat Magazine Are Forever!"

We also will be having some great people and their rides out as well as vendors giving away prizes and all kinds of goodies outside.  The parking lot and roads will be blessed with some of the sweetest things ever to glide on wheels.

Inside:  We will be launching the Seven Deadly Fins eating challenge where you, either alone, or with another victim you call friend, can try to tackle over 10lbs of food where some of the courses have enough heat to give Texas a run for our money.  The $100 entry fee is going to local charities in the form of a giant check which is always fun to watch people try to deposit at a drive up ATM.  For every course you tackle in the 60 minutes, you get a trophy to proudly display that says "I did a thing and it's on YouTube."  Good luck, It's gonna hurt.

Wednesday, June 19

Karaoke Night

The best thing about Karaoke at Ohayo Sushi?  We're far enough away from neighborhoods that you won't hear the dogs howling.

So, time to answer the age old question.  How many drinks does it take before someone sings Backstreet Boys "Ironically", Whitney "seriously", or you find out that really crazy marketer who writes smart comments on the website actually has a set of pipes?

Time to find out.  Starting at 9pm we are opening Ohayo Afterhours and Ultr4Ultr4 will be there with a mic in one hand, and ear plugs in the other.

We'll have some great drink deals and all you have to bring is some ibuprofin.

Thursday, June 20


If you didn't hear "It'sa Me, Mario" read that with a poor Italian accent, or hear a coin chime at the end, you had a sad childhood and need a drink.  We got you.


Join 903Ravesquad and Ohayo Sushi for our after hours  Mario Super Rave! Tyler's top Dj's, explore unique vendor offerings, and dive into intense Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. tournaments.


Enjoy specially themed drinks, all while soaking in the vibrant, electrifying atmosphere—all at prices that won’t break the bank. This is the ultimate blend of gaming and rave culture you don’t want to miss!  

So jump in your mushroom cart, throw out a few used banana peels, enjoy some Princess Peach Sake, and let's use a warp portal to level 8-4 this party.

Friday, June 21

Viva Ohayo

So, we told AI, hey, we need you to rewrite what Joey said and make it better.  AI tried.  But wow, there is a reason for Joey.  Check this word vomit:

Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up to the ultimate fiesta where Latino rhythms meet American beats! 🎶✨

Are you ready to spice up your night with a symphony of salsa and soul? Check! Our playlist is a curated masterpiece that’ll have your hips swaying and your heart racing.

Thirsty? Dive into our ocean of drink specials that’ll make choosing just one the toughest decision of your night. Margaritas, mojitos, or martinis? Why not all? You better believe we’ve got a concoction with your name on it. 🍹🍸

And the dance floor? Oh, it’s not just a dance floor—it’s a stage for your inner superstar. It’s where you’ll bust moves so electrifying, onlookers might just wonder if you’re in need of medical assistance. But don’t worry, it’s all part of the show! 💃🕺

For those who prefer the strategic thrill of games, we’ve got pool and darts lined up just for you. Aim, shoot, and score your way through the night. 🎱🎯

And remember, at our club, poor life choices are always on the house. So come on down, let loose, and create some memories—or at least some stories worth telling at brunch tomorrow. Your epic night awaits!

On the plus side, Joey looked it at and thought "Job security, right here."

Saturday, June 22

Mad House Tea Party

Down the Rabbit Hole We Go. Fantasy Inspired Drinks, Treats, & Beats bring this nonsensical night to life. Dress up as your fav fantasy character if you dare. Enjoy a Hatter Martini, mingle with others, and remember at the end of the day, We’re All Mad Here.

Alice has definitely taken hold at Ohayo. There is just something about a story that was written to not make sense that seems to describe life so perfectly.  Making sense of the senseless.  

We've turned it into more than just a decor, but a woven thread of blissfull chaos with everything from our food challenge to our menu, our attire, and now our club has become something through the looking glass as well.

DJ GMNI and our Red Lobster Refugees are working hard to make this an absolute night to remember.  Come, and lose your head.

Sunday, June 23

Let It Go Day

Did you have an awesome week with us?  We're so glad.  Did you regret trying to take on a 3lb poke bowl, solo a Godzilla drink, or really try to sing Peaches and Herb by yourself?  Ok, see today?  Yeah, Time to Frozen it up and let it go.

Cya Next Year.

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