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Welcome to the Media page for Ohayo Sushi.  I have tried to make this as easy for you as possible to get all of the information that you need.  If you need better resolution graphics, PNG files, or additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Company Overview


6205 S. Broadway Ave.

Tyler, TX 75703

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Jimmy Lu

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Ohayo Sushi, located at 6205 S. Broadway Ave. is the former home of Traditions family restaurant.  Officially opened on August 18, 2023 Ohayo has brought an innovative concept to East Texas.  Though they offer a little over 200 items in total, everything is prepared fresh for customers and brought directly to their table.  The menu includes sashimi, nigiri, dozens of traditional and specialty sushi rolls, hibachi, appetizers, and desserts that range from green tea ice cream to tempura battered and fried New York cheesecake.

Ohayo is also sensitive to dietary and allergen restrictions for customers.  Not only does the menu offer many vegetarian and vegan options, but for customers with shellfish and gluten allergies; the surfaces are specially prepared to minimize the chance of any kind of cross contamination.  Ohayo even eliminated the last items on their menu with peanuts and offers gluten free Kani and low sodium soy sauce.  Even in their cleaning and sanitary processes, Ohayo utilizes reaction sensitive products that cost more than other industrial cleaners.

Jimmy Lu, Ohayo's owner is no stranger to the restaurant scene.  Lu, the former owner of Hunan Buffet in Athens, saw a change in the market that he felt he could best serve the community with. "I wanted somewhere that our customers could feel safe, comfortable, and wouldn't mean sacrificing safety for profit." Lu referred to the large amount of risk in the buffet industry. "You either have to throw away a lot of food, serve food that is not fresh, or put people's health at risk, relying on every customer to maintain food safety standards."

It was the bi-product of the new format that was the most pleasant surprise to Jimmy. "With no food made until it is ordered, the waste is down a lot and that meant we could get even better quality products for customers."  Sashimi grade over sushi grade, New York Sirloin with Ribeye fat for hibachi over more chewy options; even something as seemingly simple as Miso soup is now at a different level. "We sell out of our miso soup almost every night."  Jimmy opted to increase quality instead of profits and ended up with both.

But now Ohayo is bringing something to Tyler, that is severely lacking in East Texas: A food challenge that is bigger than any food challenge anywhere in not just Texas, but anywhere in the world.  Most food challenges focus on volume, heat, or a time restriction.  Ohayo combines all three, giving a single hour for a person, or a team, to complete seven courses of food and drink.  Each course is either several pounds or heat that ranks high enough in scoville units that Ohayo requires that every participant sign a waiver before being allowed to compete.  This challenge is living proof that everything is bigger in Texas.

The massive eating challenge also isn't simply just a pile of food, but instead has an entire story behind it that plays into the properly named Seven Deadly Fins.  "I wanted something that people would enjoy as much for the experience as with the challenge itself." Said Joey Zeleny, Ohayo's head of marketing and creator of the Seven Deadly Fins. " I thought, what if I made an entire storyline, inspired it by Alice in Wonderland, named each after the seven deadly sins, and chose ocean based characters who would best represent each dish and challenge."  Zeleny seems to have hit it directly on the head.  Each course is represented by a sin such as wrath, a character like the queen of hearts, who is a killer whale.  "They each even have movie posters, complete with the feel for the type of challenge they represent." Joey claimed. "Who better to represent gluttony than the walrus, and of course, since he ate all those poor oysters, a horror movie inspired poster seemed perfect."


Finally, the $100 buy in isn't even going to cover the cost of the prizes, the free meals for the winners, or the production cost as each challenge is going to be video'd, produced, and published explained Jimmy. "We're giving it back to the community.  We are talking to and looking at several local charities, non-profits, and food banks that we can help.  We know that the publicity this challenge will bring will help bring in business.  So we would rather use that money to do more good to the community that supports us."


The Seven Deadly Fins eating challenge is set to launch on June 18th, which is not only Ohayo's 8 month anniversary, but also  International Sushi Day.


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