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Want a Chance at a Free Dinner for Two?

Tyler Sushi Social Media

Welcome to our Easy Social Media Link Page and your shot at a free food.  

We know we have a couple of options when it comes to building up our social media presence.  We could spend years posting on every single platform dozens of times a week, but seriously, who's got time for that?  We could pay a wonderfully constructed, and of course not a faceless souless corporation who just wants to suck your pockets dry while you try to build up your local business while everyone around you is struggling to figure out if they can finance their gas tank an...., wonderfully constructed social media platform.  Or we could keep everything local including the rewards.  So here it is.  For every one thousand new followers we get on each of our platforms, we are going to reward someone with a free dinner for two.  We will also be offering free lunches, rolls, and other little goodies.

How can you join?  It's easy, just tap on any of these happy little nuggets and follow us on the new page that opens up for you.  When we go up to the next milestone, everyone who is already a part of our social will get a free drawing and those names stay in as we set up for the next drawing.  What does that mean?  That means the earlier you join us, the more chances you have at some pretty sweet thank you's.

So like the page, share the posts, videos, repost, and do everything you can to help us reach our next 1k and we get to reward local people, for helping a local business, be a local success.  We do have some limits on a couple of platforms before we get in trouble, so yeah, take the 15 seconds and in the immortal words of a wise man: "GET OVER HERE"

tyler sushi facebook page


Hush, Mom loves this page and you know she is the one gonna pay for your meal anyway.

Tyler Sushi TikTok Channel



Because we all needed somewhere to go when Vine ceased to be and thought, if only I could find a platform where every other video was a live sale for a TEMU item.


Where ADD isn't just accepted, it's rewarded.

Or as we call it, Google's Wallet Vacuum, Patent Pending.

Sushi Mailing List in Tyler_edited.png

Our E-mail List

Because every now and then you want something to delete or tell Gmail to stop classifying as junk.

Actually, While you're here, we'd actually love it if you would consider giving us some positive reviews.  We know that the review mafia bosses won't let us bribe anyone for reviews, and actually, we are grateful for that.  Could you imagine how many positive reviews would end up with you or I ending up in an ER getting our stomach pumped by someone who loves their job about as much as someone with anxiety would love blowing up helium balloons?

Anyway, for us, if you enjoyed your time with our crazy sushi family, spending a couple of minutes telling other people here in East Texas and the Digital Deities how they would not want to miss out on a chance to sit down and eat one roll too many would be awesome.

When you give us something as simple as a thumbs up, five stars, a pic of you and your table mates trying to figure out if it's pronounced OHIO or OH HAY OH means the literal world to us.  Odds are when you, or someone who told you to, came here for the first time, you read a review or two and went "Oh, so they aren't a buffet where I'm playing Russian Roulette with a kid who keeps touching the rolls and has been sneezing into his hand all day."

So to that, leaving us a review on one of the sites that has the soulless ability to crush us if we don't bow down to them, would be greatly appreciated. Not only that, but it takes 97 good reviews for every bad review by someone who was mad because their spicy tuna was spicy.  So we need the help of the sane (but you'll have to do) to overcome these odds.

No matter what, 

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