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Couldn't Resist, Could You?

So, welcome to the hidden side of Ohayo.  So what do you expect to see here?  Well aside from us telling the big G search engine it better acknowledge us as the best sushi in Tyler, here is where you're gonna find sneaky little things we offer, but only to a select few and about things we are working on, abandoned, or are coming up like this.

Seven Deadly Fins Tyler Food Challenge_e

Yep, it's spelled wrong, but after this eating challenge, bet you won't spell, see, or walk right either.  Anyway, that's just one of the images we have for it.  The rest are much, much more awesome.  But we won't tell you where you can find that.  Ok, not true, you're here right?  We might as well let you know.  

Tyler Eating Challenge
East Texas Eating Contest
Spicy Food Contest in texas
tyler eating contest
45 minute eating challenge
spicy food challenge in tyler
sexy sushi eating challenge

So yeah, the Seven Deadly Fins is something we are so Low Key Excited About Releasing.  We will not only have the best sushi in Tyler, but we will also have the best food challenge in all of East Texas.  I know, I know, you're probably one of those people who realizes we sure do call ourselves the best sushi in Tyler alot.  But see, there are these things that look for certain things to be said and we want to appease the digital crawling thing a mabobs.  It's all really technical, but let's just say that aside form people giving us amazing reviews, this is how we get the word our on who we are so people, not as sneaky as you, can find us.


So What Else?  I mean you're still here.  You're already in the Rabbit hole of sushi right?  Want to dive a little further down the hole?  

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