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The Best Sushi in Tyler

At Ohayo Sushi, this is our one goal.  Of course being the best Japanese Fusion and Sushi Restaurant in Tyler, TX isn't just a claim.  It's something that we have to work at everyday and never be satisfied with ourselves.  Despite the hundreds of amazing reviews, we know that we are in an industry where we can't simply sit back and be content.  Being the best means challenging ourselves around every corner.

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Where We Started

Thin sliced Sashimi Appetizers

The original goal of Ohayo Sushi wasn't just to be another sushi restaurant.  There are over a dozen places in Tyler offering some kind of ingredient wrapped in rice and calling it sushi.  We wanted to be the best all you can eat sushi in Tyler.  But we had to be honest with ourselves.  That was the wrong bar to set.  We never wanted to be a buffet or buffet adjacent.  

So when we opened the doors to mixed reviews, we knew we had to change our focus.  It was obvious that our fellow East Texas residents were looking for, and expecting more than just a way to fill their stomachs.  The cold reality is that if you are willing to spend enough, any meal at any restaurant in Tyler is all you can eat.  No, we had to take extra measures to be better than anyone else.  Our competition wasn't just other sushi restaurants in East Texas; it was ourselves, and complacency.  

There was a silver lining in pushing through those first hard days.  Unlike traditional buffets and all you can eat restaurants, because we were making items fresh to order, our loss and waste was effectively minimized.  This meant that we could either pocket the savings and balance out the loss.  Or, we could roll that back into our products, get better quality ingredients, better training and equipment for our staff, and go from just a place to fill your stomach, to an experience.

We chose the latter, and we're so glad we did.

Better quality everything was rolled out.  Our fish comes in fresh and is a higher grade than ever before.  We put quality control measure in place for everything from the temperature of our rice to the fruit in our fully stocked bar.  We trained staff and streamlined the process of getting freshly prepared food to your table. In fact, we may have gotten a bit too efficient.  More than once we've had customers who have had their food come so fast out of the kitchen, they had to wait for it to cool down a little before taking a bite. 

Even now, we still compete against ourselves to be the best sushi restaurant in Tyler.  We work on new drinks from the bar which include our new Spicy Sunrise and Drunken Boba drinks.  We check with different suppliers, looking for the freshest sources for everything and are always looking at new ingredients and rolls to better your dining experience. 

On top of all of that, we are working on, updating, and bettering the dining experience of each and every person who considers walking through our doors.  Our new online menu has not only a complete list of our over 150 items available.  But we've included ingredients, definitions, and lists of common allergens and sensitivities so that nobody feels left out from enjoying the best sushi in Tyler at Ohayo.

 So whether a customer finds us from Google, one of our videos where we test and challenge ourselves to come up with new dishes, or are referred by a friend or family member.  The belief and want to be the best sushi in Tyler isn't just something we can put on our domain and will into existence.  It is a mantra we have to live and breath every day.

the freshest sashimi in all of east texas
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