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House Chardonnay:                 Glass $5 Bottle $18

Pino Grigio Ruffino Lumi:           Glass $7 Bottle $24

Sweet Riesling by Pacific Rim:    Glass $7 Bottle $24

Chardonnay by J Lohr:              Glass $9 Bottle $32

Chardonnay by Canyon Rd:      Glass $6 Bottle $20

Sauvignon Blanc by Oyster Bay Glass $8 Bottle $28

Takara Plum Wine:                   Glass$6  Bottle $24

House Cabernet                  Glass  $5 Bottle  $18
House Merlot                      Glass $5  Bottle $18
Merlot by Josh Cellars          Glass $9  Bottle $32
Cabernet by Canyon Rd       Glass $6  Bottle $20
Cabernet by Mondavi          Glass $9  Bottle $32
Pinot Noir by Mirassou         Glass $7  Bottle $24
Malbec by Alamos               Glass $8  Bottle $28

Sparkling Wine 187ML

Moscato Mia $10          La Marca Prosecco $15

Ruffino Lumi Pino Grigio:

Medium bodied, lively, and elegant. A touch of minerality lingers in the finish, with notes of lemon peel. It has a delightful mild tingle as it hits your tongue with a mildly sweet, fruity flavor that finishes clean.

Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling:

Smells of honey, pear and orange blossom. Aromatic with a sweet, bright acidity with pineapple and white peach.

J Lohr Chardonnay:

This wine displays enticing aromas of ripe orange, white peach, nectarine, cocoa, and baking spices. The rich texture and balance on the palate from barrel aging sur lie offers flavors of ripe Meyer lemon, citrus cream, hazelnut, and a hint of oak on the long finish.

Canyon Road Chardonnay:

A medium bodied wine with notes of crisp apple and ripe citrus fruit with a hint of cinnamon spice.

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc:

This wine offers flavors of passion fruit, citrus, white spice, ginger and grassy notes on the end. Crisp, refreshing and citrusy.

Takara Plum Wine:

Takara plum is a rich sweet and aromatic plum wine suitable as an aperitif. The plum flavor used for this product is based on ume a special plum cultivated in japan that has a tart flavor. It is made from premium white wine with natural plum flavor.

Josh Cellars Merlot:

A softer merlot, this red wine offers balanced flavors of blueberry raspberry and milk chocolate and scents of fragrant violets and vanilla.

Canyon Road Cabernet:

A light-bodied red offers fresh fruit aromas of cassis mint and ripe berries with the same fruit characteristics exploding on the palate. Mild tannins.

Robert Mondavi Cabernet:

Fresh and lively with a polished structure, this Cabernet Sauvignon has dark fruit and spice notes that carry through to the finish.

Mirassou Pinot Noir:

Noted for its light and perfumed style, featuring a profile that is both fruit-forward and refreshing, with hints of cherry and raspberry, complemented by subtle floral and herbal notes​.

Alamos Malbec:

A dark cherry and blackberry and a velvety mouthfeel. Aromas of violet intertwine with spice and vanilla, while balanced tannins create a velvety mouthfeel and expansive finish.

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